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Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews of high school students are a common VS project in many locations to assist students to prepare for the real thing.
  • Examples below from D9800 Rotary Clubs (Hawthorn, Richmond and Brighton) showcase some of the programs at different schools.
Hawthorn RC
The annual mock interview program, conducted with Auburn High School Year 9 and Year 10 students, includes the following steps:
  • Culminating studies in the school’s “Learning for Life” program, students prepare a written application for a position, together with a resume.
  • These documents are forwarded to the two Rotary interviewers scheduled to interview that applicant.
  • Interviews are conducted for 10 minutes, followed by discussion of feedback on what the student did well, and where they can improve.
  • A scoresheet is also forwarded to the student’s teacher.
  • The Rotarians and Partners who participate feel the experience enhances students’ confidence, job readiness, and career planning.
Brighton RC
  • At Brighton Secondary College, mock interview volunteers come from Rotary and others like Lions.
  • Students are scheduled for 15 min. mock interviews. The volunteer then has 5 minutes for write up time.
Richmond RC
  • Melbourne Girls College provides a student booklet covering how to prepare Resumes and cover letters for 1 of 15 Mock Job Advertisements, and how to prepare for an interview.
  • Interview packs are sent to the interviewers 1 week before interviews.
  • Paired interviewers interview students in the school library commencing at 30 min. intervals. Where practical, interviewers are paired according to profession. E.g., people in medical area would interview students interested in nursing.
  • An important part of the process is giving students feedback on both their applications and interview.
  • Students also complete a feedback sheet on their interview.
  • Refer Template available on District 9800 website:
  • The template includes information for Rotarians and Students (based on Government information, to supplement school resources, if reqd).