Left to Right: Rotary Governor Nominee Michael Lapina, Effie Hatzikosmidis, Camilla Bishop, Rotary Governor Amanda Wendt, Natalie Hammond, Campus Principal Nolene Symons, Rotarian Bryan Goodwin. Absent: Samuel Levy and Darren Sutcliffe.
Bayside College nominated Effie Hatzikosmidis for an Achievement award for the tireless energy and passion she brings to her role as Drama teacher and Performing Arts coordinator. Effie produced an outstanding production in 2022, juggling roles on performance nights, sometimes having to step into roles herself when students were suddenly unable to perform due to illness.
Bayside College also nominated Camilla Bishop, Natalie Hammond, Samuel Levy and Darren Sutcliffe for a Team award for their leadership and collaboration with others to introduce an innovative range of student assessments that focus on skills and competencies for students from P-12, sitting alongside the traditional academic demands. Team awards recognise where a group of teachers have collaborated effectively to address an important challenge or new development for a school.